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Bethel Theological Seminary (BTS) recognizes the primary role to glorify God by growing Christ-centered, committed Christians who would become compassionate Kingdom workers.  BTS is committed to providing its students with theological and missional knowledge, spiritual formation and disciplines, congregational and missional leadership for Church and missional organizations.  BTS also pursues Christian faith growth and life-long learning by engaging research, publication, education, and training on Christian ministries.   



Vision, Mission, and Values


The vision of Bethel Theological Seminary (BTS) is to form Christian leaders for the church and mission (kingdom vocations).  In the vision of BTS, fully formed Christian leaders embody the following core values: 1) biblical (faithfulness), 2) missional (courage & connectedness), 3) practical (fruitfulness), and spiritual (open mindset & innovativeness) disciplines.  BTS believes that Christian leaders who embody such attributes will be better prepared to lead the present and future church and mission.


The basis of the vision and values, the core mission of BTS is to provide academic and practical education for forming Christian leaders to transform the church and mission in the twenty-first century.  BTS educates lay leaders and professional ministers by providing biblical and missional studies programs to be a primary catalyst in the transformation of the church and mission. 


Purpose & Learning Outcomes


The purpose of BTS, providing the master of Christian Studies (MCS) program is to enhance the practice of ministry for persons who hold the BA or its educational equivalent and who have (and will) locally or globally engage(d) in missional or ministerial practices. The goals of the MCS program are enhancing academic excellence and improving engagement for Christian Studies and mission.


The institutional learning outcome (ILO) of BTS is to equip Christian leaders with biblical and missional educations to work in churches and mission agencies. BTS will provide the master of Christian Studies (MCS) program to achieve the ILO.  The program learning outcomes (PLOs) for the MCS are as follows:


1.  Students will have demonstrated an understanding of the ministries of the Church and the mission of God.

2.  Students will have demonstrated capacities to cultivate biblical and missional reflections and practices for the Christian ministries and mission.

3.  Students will have demonstrated capacities to pursue vocations that engage the church ministries and mission of God with Christian leadership skills.

Bethel Theological Seminary is a religious educational institution operating in the State of Maryland pursuant to an exemption granted by the Maryland Higher Education Commission, without a certificate of approval from the Commission, as specified in the Code of Maryland Regulations 13B.02.04.

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