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Master of Christian Studies (MCS) Program

First Year          0 – 12 credits

Second Year   13 – 24 credits

Third Year       25 – 36 credits



Online or Hybrid Classes

Online/Hybrid classes are comparable in content, faculty, and resources to those offered in residence. They include regular student-faculty interaction by computer, telephone, mail, or face-to-face meetings.


Online classes at BTS shall adhere to the following minimum standards:

1. The educational objectives for MCS courses shall be clearly defined, simply stated, and of such a nature that they can be achieved through Zoom.

2. BTS shall provide faculty and student training and support services specifically related to Zoom class activities.

3. I-tutor of BTS shall provide for methods for timely interaction between students and faculty.


Attendance Policy

It is highly recommended that students do not miss any class. Regular class attendance is expected and will be recorded in every class. The maximum number of absences allowed for a student is three per semester. Three tardiness will equal one absence.


For all programs, students must attend at least 80% percent of classes to be in “Good Standing” at the college. If a student attends between 80% and 75% of the classes, he or she will be put on attendance probation. Attendance Probation puts the student into “Not Good Standing” with the college. If the student is in this status for two consecutive semesters OR three times in total over the course of his or her program, the student will not be able to register for the following semester.



Leave of Absence

In the case of a prolonged illness or accident, death in the family, or other special circumstances that make attendance impossible or impractical, a leave of absence may be granted to the student if requested in writing by the student or designee. No monetary charges or cumulated absences may be assessed to the student during a leave of absence.  The academic committee of BTS determines that there is a reasonable expectation that the student will return to the school. Upon the student's return from the leave of absence, the student is permitted to complete the coursework he began prior to the leave of absence.

Bethel Theological Seminary is a religious educational institution operating in the State of Maryland pursuant to an exemption granted by the Maryland Higher Education Commission, without a certificate of approval from the Commission, as specified in the Code of Maryland Regulations 13B.02.04.

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